The earthy brown hues of ancient tree trunks, textured barks, fallen leaves, squiggles left behind by tunnelling moth larvae, stained & muddy waters after rainfall.

 This collection is inspired by the concept of change. The way Country constantly evolves and grows. The cycle of seasons, of passing and renewal. The way Country is constantly evolving and growing as we are.

Its a parallel to the way we are constantly changing, learning, experiencing and evolving as individuals in our own lives and a reminder that we too belong to country.

The pieces in this collection celebrate the beauty of both old and new, the chance of renewal and change. The connection between past and present and the connection between people & Country.

Size: 900 x 740mm

Framed: Tasmanian Oak

Cotton Rag Fine art prints are professionally framed in Tasmanian Oak oak hardwood timber frame, which features a 5cm white border around the art. The artwork is then finished with glass or acrylic to protect the fine art print.


Please note: due to the size & fragile nature of this product, it is available for click & collect only. For shipping enquiries please contact