Art for Her.

All Fine Art Prints by Rikki Day  are professionally printed in Australia in premium quality on 300gsm cold-pressed, rough textured water-colour artist's paper. This warm toned paper eludes to sketching in the sun, one of Rikki's favorite pastimes and brings with it a delightful fine art finish.  


Their story: This woman-centric print series, titled "Art For Her"  was created to serve as a reminder in your home to pause, comeback to yourself and welcome the woman you are with full acceptance. The 4 part series includes, abstracts, faces, figures & still life each conveying their own message.

The Abstracts: Created to comment on the  balancing act we, as women in modern society are out of necessity becoming masters at. 

The Figures: Created to invoke acceptance of our physical selves. To see the beauty in our own female form.

The Faces: Created to represent the power of our thoughts, to encourage the nurturing of ourselves mentally. 

The Still Life: Created for joy, reminders to drink the wine, take slow breakfasts and pick yourself flowers every now and again.